Au cours des dernières années, les services infonuagiques sont devenus une partie intégrante des TI d’entreprise. De ce fait, les organisations s’attendent désormais à pouvoir mettre en œuvre de nouveaux...

As IT delivery evolves from an on-premises model to a hybrid model combining cloud and traditional IT, organizations are using a variety of sourcing approaches, from full outsourcing to multisourcing...

This blog introduces three phases to establishing an agile Digital Infrastructure Platform, and focuses on the first phase: automation of the operation of traditional legacy infrastructure.

Four things to look for in a multi-source services integrator (MSI)

Bernard DeLisi
Bernard De Lisi

Many organizations are embracing agile, hybrid IT strategies to enable faster, easier ways to deploy digital technologies and achieve digital transformation. Such hybrid approaches of both cloud and legacy assets...

Using a hybrid IT model to enable modernization

John Nemoto
John Nemoto

Modernized information technology is a fundamental prerequisite to taking advantage of new and emerging capabilities to improve mission delivery in the digital age. Yet, legacy systems continue to create challenges...

Key attributes of an effective hybrid IT and cloud management solution

Ralf Schlenker
Ralf Schlenker

As an enabler of digital transformation, cloud computing continues to accelerate, leading to hybrid environments that combine cloud and traditional IT delivery models. These complex environments can be challenging to...

Key considerations in implementing a hybrid cloud management solution

Ralf Schlenker
Ralf Schlenker

Hybrid IT service delivery models that combine public-cloud architectures with private-cloud architectures are on the rise within companies across industries. Such environments require a holistic management approach that ensures effective...

Key criteria to consider in choosing a cloud migration partner

Noman Ahmad
Noman Ahmad

Many organizations are seeking to reduce their legacy IT spend and re-invest the savings into digital enabling technologies like cloud computing to drive business agility, transformation and overall competiveness. Their...