Outsourcing considerations for the lean agile enterprise

Organizations considering a lean agile transformation at scale need to be prepared to rethink their outsourcing strategy to increase its effectiveness. raditional portfolio management is based on projects. Projects have...

Exploring the DevOps model through gamification

With agile methods going mainstream―along with technological enablers like cloud, virtualization, containerization, integrated toolchains and service automation taking hold―DevOps has emerged as an end-to-end IT delivery approach that makes business...

Andrea Schmitz
Andrea Schmitz

Four best practices promote effective innovation management


Targeted innovation management is vital to transforming ideas into ground-breaking new products and services. Targeted, effective and scalable innovation management allows companies to achieve substantial competitive advantages while improving customer...

Eeva Randén
Eeva Randén

5 common pitfalls when implementing AI, and how to avoid them


When it comes to AI implementation, the greatest challenges stem from organizational cultures, silo mentalities and old practices. This blog identifies five common AI implementation challenges, along with suggestions to...