Your organization’s software and hardware contracts represent a significant portion of your IT budget and managing the related contract costs can be a key challenge. It’s important to avoid paying for unused products and licenses, while, at the same time, risk an audit and added expense for using more than you paid for.

As part of CGI’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) portfolio, we offer a Contract Management service that consists of a framework and corresponding processes that strategically track and manage all financial, physical, licensing and contractual aspects of your IT assets throughout their life cycle.

To achieve the best results, our experts start well before the end date of a contract by gathering information from your IT department and the business. Based on your strategic plans, IT roadmap and planned usage, our team determines the best products, license volumes and contract durations that will benefit your organization. 

We also determine the most effective licensing posture for your organization by performing a compliance verification. In the case of non-compliance, we advise on infrastructure changes to reduce your license shortfall.

Armed with all of this information, your procurement team can better negotiate contracts that meet the demands of your business, as well as the right usage levels your IT department requires, resulting in long-term value for your organization.