CGI Expert Fabien Villerot

Fabien coordinates the work of an international team of business managers and technical engineers to drive forward the best services to support his client. From consulting to the C-suite to managing IT services, Fabien brings together a myriad of capabilities to provide the scale, reach and commitment to serve as the client’s partner and trusted advisor.

With 15 years of experience in the IT services industry, Fabien is a seasoned expert in understanding the market of his client and how to develop and execute the business and IT strategies that achieve meaningful and sustainable outcomes.

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Bridging strategy with the business and technology needs of our clients’ operations

March 8, 2021 Every year, we conduct Voice of Our Clients (VOC) interviews to discover and share the top industry trends and business and IT priorities across the industries we serve. Over the past 5 years alone, we have held 6,775 business and IT leader interviews, collecting more than 1 million data points.