2017 CGI Client Global Insights

Driving digital transformation to meet customer and citizen demands

Each year, CGI meets face-to-face with business and IT leaders to hear their perspectives on the trends affecting their organizations and the implications for their business.

In 2017, we spoke with more than 1,300 leaders across 10 industries and 17 countries. The resulting CGI Client Global Insights demonstrate an even greater urgency for clients to transform to meet the digital expectations of their customers and citizens. This urgency permeates the top global trends, business priorities and IT priorities we identified—and it is clearly intensifying. (Also check out the client insights for the industries we serve.)

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Consumers and citizens expect seamless and personal interaction with businesses and governments in the digital world. The top three trends this year are consistent with 2016, with each becoming more pronounced and demonstrating clients’ need to accelerate digital transformation:

1. Becoming digital organizations to meet customer / citizen expectations
2. Growing cyber risk
3. Increasing regulatory demands

When it comes to the top fourth and fifth trends, there is a notable difference between commercial and government organizations.

Next top commercial trends

4. Growing use of digital technologies
5. Growing collaboration and interoperability

Next top government trends

4. Cost pressures slowing the pace of change
5. Increasing use of public and private cloud


The insights demonstrate that business and IT leaders are aligned when it comes to prioritizing their digital transformation to meet the expectations of customers and citizens.

Top business priorities

  1. Become a digital organization to meet customer/citizen expectations
  2. Apply analytics to optimize the business
  3. Address growing cyber risk
  4. Modernize the business
  5. Increase collaboration and interoperability

Top IT priorities

  1. Become a digital organization to meet customer/citizen expectations
  2. Modernize the business
  3. Apply analytics to optimize the business
  4. Implement new delivery models/agile
  5. Address increasing cyber risks

The organizational view

Executives are pursuing a range of organizational models to drive digital transformation. While some develop digital functions at the CXO level, others establish digital teams within lines of business or within the CIO organization. While 62% of leaders cite a separate innovation group as critical to developing differentiated products and services, 38% prefer grassroots innovation.

Key barriers

To drive digital transformation, executives we interviewed want more agility — not just in IT projects, but also in their business approach. They rank the following as key challenges to imple¬menting a digital transformation strategy:

  1. Culture, talent or digital employee challenges
  2. Change slowed by technology and agility constraints
  3. Budget or funding challenges
  4. Increasing cyber risks and/or cyber initiatives
  5. Applying analytics to optimize the business

The industry view

Organizations in different industries transform at different paces and prioritize their digital transformation with unique roadmaps. Many industries report a dramatic increase in their digital maturity and pace of change. We explore the pace and scale of change by industry in our industry-focused reports.