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Serge Godin

Serge Godin

Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board

Serge Godin founded CGI in 1976 at the age of 26. Under his leadership, CGI has grown to become the fifth largest independent information technology...
george schindler

George D. Schindler

President and Chief Executive Officer

George D. Schindler is President and Chief Executive Officer of CGI and a member of its Board of Directors. He was appointed to the position...

Corporate Services

francois boulanger

François Boulanger

Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer

François Boulanger has been CGI’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer since October 2014. From 2006 to 2014, he served as Senior Vice President...

Benoit Dubé

Executive Vice-President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary

Benoit Dubé joined CGI in 2003 as Vice-President, Corporate Legal Affairs and now holds the position of Executive Vice-President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary....

Stuart A. Forman

Senior Vice-President and Global Chief Information Officer

As CGI’s Global Chief Information Officer, Mr. Forman is responsible for guiding the company’s enterprise IS/IT strategy, setting global standards and policies, and driving value...
Julie Godin

Julie Godin

Vice-Chair of the Board, Executive Vice-President and Chief Planning and Administration Officer

In 2016, Julie Godin was appointed Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors and named Executive Vice-President and Chief Planning and Administration Officer. In this role,...
Lorne Gorber

Lorne Gorber

Executive Vice-President, Investor and Public Relations

Lorne Gorber is responsible for leading CGI’s global strategic reputation management initiatives, including serving as company spokesperson. He also is a member of the CGI...
Mike Keating

Mike Keating

Senior Vice-President, Global Marketing and IP Strategy

In 2014, Mike was appointed to drive CGI’s global efforts to develop and expand the company’s portfolio of industry-leading intellectual property (IP) solutions in all...
Bernard Labelle

Bernard Labelle

Senior Vice-President, Global Human Resources and Leadership Institute

Bernard Labelle leads all of CGI’s global human resources operations, including its HR business partners, centers of expertise, shared services and Leadership Institute. Since assuming...
Daniel Paul


Vice President, Chief Data Protection Officer

Daniel Paul is Vice-President, Chief Data Protection Officer and a member of the CGI corporate legal team. He is responsible for overseeing all matters related...
Luc Pinard

Luc Pinard

Executive Vice-President, Strategic Advisor to the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board

Luc Pinard joined CGI in 1978 and is currently Executive Vice-President, Strategic Advisor to the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board, providing counsel on...
Daniel Rocheleau

Daniel Rocheleau

Executive Vice-President, Chief Business Engineering Officer

Mr. Rocheleau has more than 45 years of IT industry experience. He joined CGI in 1985 as part of the first CGI acquisition. Throughout his...
Stan Sims

Stanley L. Sims

Vice-President and Chief Security Officer

Stan Sims joined CGI in January 2016 as Chief Security Officer. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s global enterprise security strategy and setting global...

Guy Vigeant

Senior Vice-President, Mergers and Acquisitions

In October 2016, Guy Vigeant became responsible for CGI’s mergers and acquisitions worldwide. Prior to this appointment, Guy served as Business Unit Leader of Greater...

Global Operations

Jean-Michel Baticle

Jean-Michel Baticle

President, Western and Southern Europe Operations

Jean-Michel Baticle is President of CGI’s operations in Western and Southern Europe, overseeing CGI’s work across France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Portugal and Spain, along with global...
Mark Boyajian

Mark Boyajian

President, Canada Operations

With more than 25 years of experience in technology, business consulting and banking operations, Mark Boyajian serves as President of CGI’s Canada operations. Previously, Mark...

Dave Henderson

President, United States Operations, Commercial & State Government

Dave Henderson serves as President for CGI’s U.S. commercial and state government operations, which delivers a broad range of technology and business services to clients....
Tim Hurlebaus

Tim Hurlebaus

President, CGI Federal

Tim Hurlebaus leads CGI Federal, a wholly-owned U.S. operating subsidiary of CGI Group, Inc., which serves CGI’s clients across civilian, defense and intelligence sectors of...
George Mattackal

George Mattackal

President, Asia Pacific Global Delivery Centers of Excellence

George Mattackal is President of CGI’s Asia Pacific Global Delivery Centers of Excellence, where he oversees global delivery capabilities across Asia Pacific. In this role,...
Tara McGeehan

Tara McGeehan

President, United Kingdom Operations

Tara McGeehan was appointed President of CGI’s UK Operations in January 2018. A CGI member for more than 17 years, Tara most recently served as...

Heikki Nikku

President, Northern Europe Operations

In May 2015, Heikki Nikku was appointed President of CGI’s operations in the Nordic region. In October 2017, following the acquisition of Affecto and the...
Torsten Straß

Torsten Strass

President, Central and Eastern Europe Operations

At 15 years old, Torsten Strass launched a software development company—the start of a dedicated career in helping industry leaders adopt technology as a driver...