As cities and regions around the world develop strategies for smarter and more sustainable operations, CGI partners with them to implement innovative strategies and solutions. We offer advisory services for developing an integrated strategy, linking specific objectives and a defining roadmap, to achieve such goals.

We also support a variety of innovative initiatives to improve programs for citizen participation and safety, education, energy and asset management, government administration, health and human services, and transport and tourism. Examples include:

Citizen participation and safety

  • CGI’s Participation Next social network helps municipalities connect with citizens based on interest, supporting more livable and safer neighborhoods.
  • Burgernet is a citizens’ network for communication and collaboration between citizens, police and municipalities to improve neighborhood safety.


  • CGI’s OpenENT is a Virtual Learning Environment for schools enabling students, parents and educators to securely exchange academic information.
  • Our PhD solution is a professional tool for end-to-end administration of a PhD program, enabling more efficient administration and increased focus on research.

Energy and asset management

  • CGI’s Sm@rtering solution helps utilities manage smart meter data, reduce costs, better understand usage, perform active network management and respond quickly during a crisis.
  • CGI’s Central Energy Management System (CEMS) enables demand side management of energy to ensure optimal match between locally generated energy and demand for a more sustainable energy ecosystem.
  • IBOR enables the remote management of assets such as street lighting, bridges, road barriers and traffic lights for more sustainable and safer living environments.
  • CGI’s Asset and Resource Management (ARM) helps municipalities safely and efficiently manage geographically distributed assets for more effective use of public funds.
  • CGI’s PragmaCAD application automates daily workflows to increase service availability, improve field productivity and reduce costs.
  • CGI’s FlexProperty helps governments, municipalities and property management companies manage the processes around owning, renting and maintaining properties.

Health and human services

  • CGI CommunityCare360 delivers community care planning, translates physician approved care plans into daily work orders and optimizes community care service delivery, resulting in better care and fewer hospital visits.
  • CGI OnCue360 is a mobile regulatory enforcement and field data collection solution for more timely and transparent audits and inspections.

Government administration

  • CGI’s enterprise resource planning solutions help governments improve back-office operations and better serve citizens.
  • CGI Case Management transforms business processes to increase agility, boost productivity and improve customer service.

Transport and tourism

  • CGI’s Navici Trip Planner enables citizens to make smarter, more efficient and eco-friendly travel decisions.
  • CGI’s GO is the next-generation airport management system with the ability to reduce management efforts by 80 percent.
  • CGI’s Chargepoint Interactive Management System (CiMS) supports the infrastructure for intelligent electric vehicle charging points.