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October 10-13, 2022 Connecting and sharing insights to drive your success - We look forward to connecting and sharing insights with you on the latest banking trends. Meet with one of our banking experts to discuss strategies for moving your bank forward.

Satu Kiiski
Satu Kiiski

Demystifying the metaverse for banks, part 1

September 20, 2022 The metaverse is going to become another channel through which banks can engage both customers and employees. Banks that are new to the metaverse may be asking what it is and what are appropriate use cases for a bank. Answers...

CGI is confronting the industry’s need for process automation head-on with the release of our next-generation credit management platform, CGI Credit Studio. Utilizing workflows modeled with BPMN, CGI Credit Studio leads to significant improvements to credit operations.

Andy Schmidt
Andy Schmidt

Exploring “green” finance offerings, part 4

September 15, 2022 Banks face increasing pressure from customers, shareholders, employees and regulators to be more sustainable in their operations and service delivery. Their ability to provide capital puts them in a unique position to impact market direction. For many banks, the move...

CGI Credit Studio delivers the future of default management. Our solution is designed to help financial institutions reduce operating expenses, delinquencies, and write-offs while building profitable customer relationships and improving end-to-end collections and recovery operations.

CI Financial partners with CGI to implement advanced transfer agency solution and operations

CGI and IGM Financial Inc. (IGM) (TSX: IGM) have signed a strategic agreement to deliver the next generation of mutual fund transfer agency (TA) platforms in Canada.