Cloud and hybrid IT

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Utilities must balance transforming their business while providing reliable service Disruption due to increasing natural disasters, changing consumption patterns, and growing regulatory compliance adds to the challenges utilities already face with consumer renewables and energy efficiency practices evolving traditional business...

Envision a new way to accelerate innovation using emerging technologies.

This future scan provides a big picture view of maturing, scaling and emerging technologies that are helping enterprises drive innovation, change and agility in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

CGI helps organizations transform their application development capabilities to use cloud-native solutions to deliver new products and services at pace and scale.

IT environments are growing increasingly complex and hybrid in nature, requiring higher levels of support. At the same time, organizations are looking for cost and operational efficiencies in IT operations in order to focus on mission results. CGI’s Unify360 Hybrid...

CGI’s hybrid infrastructure services enable enterprise to benefit from the optimal mix of on-premise and cloud-based services for their unique workload portfolios and complex requirements.

The CGI Hybrid IT Management Platform, powered by the CGI Unify360 platform, serves as an integrated platform for brokering, acquiring, operating, securing and governing all elements of a hybrid IT universe.

CGI’s hybrid IT strategy and transformation consulting services are the first step in reducing cost, complexity, and risk. Cloud strategy and transformation services enable organizations to maximize utilization and improve security, empowered by clear direction on the best-fit approach.

CGI Unify360 cloud and hybrid IT enablement and transformation services are designed to reduce cost, complexity and risk; maximize utilization; improve security; and provide clear direction on the best-fit approach for each organization.