CGI Pulse Featues and Benefits

CGI Pulse

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CGI Pulse features and benefits

Gain access to industry-leading AI capabilities and end-to-end AI life cycle services through CGI Pulse. CGI Pulse uses AI and machine learning (ML) methods to deliver high-performance IPA while easily integrating with existing systems.

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Maximize operational efficiency through high-performance IPA

CGI Pulse’s pre-trained AI models deliver results with a 90% plus accuracy rate.

Accelerate time to

CGI Pulse’s suite of AI services reduces project life cycles from six plus months to eight weeks or less.

Benefit from total

CGI Pulse offers a range a flexible deployment options and pre-built data connectors.


Natural language processing


  • Pre-defined classifiers
  • Custom classifiers


  • SDS automation
  • Invoice automation
  • Loan reconciliation
  • Custom extraction pipeline

Intelligent content management

  • Content discovery
  • Content deduplication
  • Metadata management

Sentiment recognition

  • Sentiment analysis and document insight
  • Social feed analysis

Text summarization

  • Coming soon

Text generation

  • Coming soon
Computer vision

Visual intelligence

  • Table detection
  • Symbol classification
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Custom vision pipeline

Optical Character Recognition

Audio processing

Acoustic intelligence

  • Speech-to-text
  • Text-to-speech
  • Custom acoustic pipeline


CGI Pulse Orchestrator

CGI Pulse Orchestrator

Develop custom workflows with CGI Pulse’s visual workflow canvas.


CGI Pulse Connect

CGI Pulse Connect

Leverage pre-built connectors to plug CGI Pulse into your data sources and downstream applications.


CGI Pulse Data Studio

CGI Pulse Data Studio

Annotate documents and images for custom and pre-built models.

CGI Pulse Learner

CGI Pulse Learner

Train your own custom AI/ML models in CGI Pulse’s no-code environment.

CGI Pulse Monitor

CGI Pulse Monitor

Analyze the outputs of your models directly from CGI Pulse’s advanced analytics dashboards.