Driving more agile, cost-efficient and secure IT portfolios

Under pressure to address new risks and opportunities in a dynamic business environment, today’s organizations need to achieve greater agility, cost-efficiency and security in their IT portfolios. No longer is IT simply a means to support the business. It is a driver of business transformation itself. 

The challenge

Too many organizations are burdened by the constraints of aging technology, architectural complexity and IT sprawl. Negative impacts include high maintenance costs, lack of agility, poor alignment with business objectives, and potential exposure to cybersecurity risks. For some, “lights-on” costs can account for as much as 90% of IT budgets.

The resulting poor quality and performance of the IT portfolio makes it difficult to meet current business demands, let alone adopt new technologies to drive digital transformation.

A modern and fine-tuned IT portfolio is a crucial enabler of change and growth. Yet many organizations lack the internal resources or expertise to develop an effective method for managing, rationalizing and governing their IT portfolios.

The solution

CGI Unify360 Portfolio Manager provides a comprehensive approach to modernize, transform, optimize and manage application assets. It also helps organizations simply get a better understanding and control of their systems. The solution uniquely combines a proven methodology and a powerful software application to help organizations:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of their IT portfolio, including its composition and complexity, and the relationships among its elements
  • Drive action through improved insight to achieve digital transformation
  • Adopt a hybrid IT approach to optimize business, technology, cost, security and performance
  • Establish a continuous improvement approach to drive portfolio evolution
  • Achieve the necessary organizational agility to respond to threats and opportunities