End-to-end collections and recovery

Rising delinquencies are causing organizations to rethink their collections strategies and many are turning to CGI for help.

CGI’s market-leading CACS Enterprise collections system helps you reduce operating expenses, delinquencies and write-offs, while building profitable customer relationships and improving all aspects of your end-to-end collections and recovery operations.

Supporting high-volume processing for all consumer products and providing scalability for growth, CACS Enterprise has pioneered the use of automated collections and behavior-scoring treatments, and has helped shape the credit industry's evolution from account-based to customer- and age-based to risk-based collections.

The latest release of CACS Enterprise includes the following features:

  • Regulatory management functionality to help organizations enforce and track regulatory policies around cell phone consent and calling times, including cell phone consent tracking at the account and/or customer level, the ability to capture ”best time to call” and ”do not call” times, and the highlighting of phone numbers that are within or outside defined customer calling times  
  • Customer-centric processing to manage the customer relationship
  • Multi-user capabilities and role-based security to support multiple organizations and credit products in a single system
  • Loss mitigation functionality to support advanced analytics for program identification and qualification
  • Ability to use customer and account data in collection agent scripts to guide consistent customer interactions and experiences
  • Flexible rules for workflow definition, collection agent and third-party assignment, and regulatory compliance
  • Real-time decisioning to guide collector actions
  • Use of channel integration to communicate with customers the way they want to be contacted
  • Web service capabilities to support real-time integration with other enterprise applications.

Integration with other CGI credit solutions

Part of CGI's complete credit solutions application suite, CACS Enterprise includes the CACS Recovery Accounting module and integrates with CGI Enterprise Gateway and Web Promises.

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CACS® is a registered trademark of CGI Group Inc.