Ensuring successful project delivery for customers

Businesses within the manufacturing and construction industries that deliver their products through projects have unique enterprise resource planning (ERP) requirements. Effectively managing information and processes across the business to ensure successful project delivery for customers—each and every time—is critical and demands a comprehensive ERP solution that drives improvements across operations using the latest digital technology.

The challenge

Real-time information is key to the success of project-based businesses. Manufacturers and construction companies need real-time and high-quality information not only for internal operations, but also in collaborating across their ecosystems. In addition, transparency is critical, especially in terms of reacting quickly to issues and managing complex partner networks—something that standard ERP solutions fall short in providing.

Our solution

Based on industry best practices, CGI Profio360 revolutionizes how project-based businesses manage their information and processes, increasing knowledge, efficiencies and transparency across the enterprise.

CGI Profio360 offers innovative visual tools for defining company-specific business processes that transform operations and project delivery. It also enables companies to manage critical business information and reports based on individual task queues.

The functionality of CGI Profio360 links to any customer project—large or small. In addition, its artificial intelligence and automation capabilities, which reduce FTE hours, are scalable as projects increase and the business grows.

With CGI Profio360, companies can digitalize processes across the business, including in the following core areas:

 CGI Profio360

An agile, browser-based system, CGI Profio360 offers interfaces that enable the easy exchange of data with other internal and third-party systems. The solution is accessible via all mobile devices, and the entire Profio platform can be hosted through CGI’s cloud service CGI also offers Profio as a Service, managing data management and system administration on behalf of clients.

Why CGI?

As one of the largest IT and business consulting services providers in the world, CGI serves as an end-to- digital transformation partner for manufacturers and construction companies across the globe. We deliver digital services and solutions that transform the entire enterprise, helping clients become more customer-centric and drive long-term growth. Contact us at info@cgi.com to learn more.